Wii + Second Life for Training Simulations

Nice article on Wired about a firm who is helping organizations build training simulations using a “Wii-mote” in Second Life. A few examples were cited: a company interested in training workers for its power plants a manufacturer of medical devices pest-control firm Orkin, who is hoping “…to create training simulations, which might involve inspecting a […]

Text Your Own Adventure w/ Spiderman

I stumbled upon this video a few days ago… it’s a Text Your Own Adventure w/ Spiderman! Remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, this sorta works the same way. Basically, you watch a video in which Spiderman tries to save the world from the Golden Girls and trans-fats. At the end of […]

Boring Webcasts

My wifey sent me an IM the other day while she was sitting in a webcast. Thought her use of google talk as a distraction during a webcast was a nice illustration of how a poorly designed webinar can be pretty boring… Re-posted from my abandoned Eduspaces blog

Rapid E-learning Tools + Informal Learning

A few weeks ago, I attended the E-learning Guild’s Annual Gathering in Boston, MA. One of the sessions I attended was the Rapid Elearning Tools panel, in which representatives from Articulate, Adobe Captivate, and Qarbon discussed their existing tools w/ Jay Cross. After the conference, I posted a comment on the Articulate “Word of Mouth” […]

Nintendo DS as Life Coach

This month’s issue of Wired has an interesting note about some new games being released for the handheld Nintendo DS system: Gals in Japan are using Nintendo DS to do way more than play with Mario. A flood of femme-focused self-help software now runs on the touchscreen handheld. Female Power Emergency Up! DS (shown) promises […]

Free Tools for E-learning

A few weeks ago I presented a session at the Elearning Guild Annual Gathering called “BYOW – Build Your Own Webinar”. In the session, I demonstrated a variety of free tools that users could copy/paste into their own webinar client. The tools came together to create an interface that includes chat, whiteboard, file sharing, remote-controlled […]

Pick Up That Joystick and Learn

Tom Crawford recently posted a link to an NPR story about 1st round NFL draft pick, Amobe Okoye. Okoye came to America from Nigeria as a young man in high school. When he was 13, a local coach asked him to try out for the football team and gave him a copy of Madden Football […]