Monk Parakeets Visit My Yard

After months of ensuring that our bird feeders remained full, the famous Austin Monk Parakeets finally came to visit my yard. Here’s a bit of history on these birds: These lime-green birds, also known as Quaker Parrots, have been in Austin for at least the last 20 years… According to an urban myth, the birds […]

Watch My Dog

We’re experimenting with allowing my dog to stay out of his kennel during the workday. The last time we tried this, he tore up every magazine, bill, or book he could reach. This time, I’m asking for help from the Internet. While at work, watch my dog on this live streaming video feed and comment […]

Lifestreaming and Personal Web Sites

One of my goals for re-vamping my site was to include all the external content I post around the web: google reader items, flickr photos, twitter posts, etc. After all, the traditional personal site is dead. I’ve made a good decent first stab at the goal here…. but it’s still not quite right. I want […]

Progress on Entry Way

I know that doesn’t look like alot of progress since my last post… but believe me, this was a ton of work. Mostly, it was difficult because I don’t know what I’m doing re: gardening/landscaping. Getting those damned pavers even was a pain. Originally, we’d planned on buying air conditioner pads to serve as pavers. […]

Entry Way and Planting Bed

I started the process of re-doing our front entry way and planting bed today. We purchased the house a year ago and have been planning to streamline the landscaping in the front of our house. Today, I removed the old concrete border in our planting bed. In the photo below, you can see where the […]

My Holiday Project

I’m off work for two weeks, so my holiday project is to re-vamp my personal site. Whoop, here it is! My goal is for this site to be much less stagnant that it’s been in the past. Herego, I’ve installed WordPress. My hope is that this site will serve as a gathering point for my […]

Top 10 Tools for Learning and Working

Jane Hart put out a call for e-learning professionals’ top 10 tools that they use for learning and working. Here’s mine: 1. Firefox – Firefox rules, IE drools! Love the tabs, love the extensions, love the speed, love the customization, love it. 2. Google reader + Google notebook + Gmail + iGoogle + Google Docs […]

Open Facebook

Wired makes a call for open standards in social networking sites. I’ve heard this complaint in several places, and think it’s a valid one. It’s annoying that our social netorking “identities” are walled off. Take me for example… I have accounts with┬áLinkedIn, Facebook, Internet Time, Eduspaces, MySpace, Friendster, and countless other social networking startups whose […]

Ipod Heritage Trail – My Wifey

My wifey is working on a Masters in Historic Preservation, and her thesis project involves creating an iPod heritage trail for Cumberland Island in Georgia. The idea is that visitors to the island will be able to experience interpretive exhibits in a remote setting. Using portable technologies, visitors can obtain a personalized tour in dense […]