Lifestreaming and Personal Web Sites

One of my goals for re-vamping my site was to include all the external content I post around the web: google reader items, flickr photos, twitter posts, etc. After all, the traditional personal site is dead.

I’ve made a good decent first stab at the goal here…. but it’s still not quite right. I want you to be able to read my comments about shared Google Reader items, see who’s commented on my flickr photos, and see my favorite youtube videos all from my site. Most importantly, I want people to be able to subscribe to one RSS feed that contains all of this 3rd party content.

Dave, at Mezzoblue, is in the process of accomplishing exactly what I want:

“I’m merging my traditional posts with links from Delicious and Google Reader (which is what I was up to when I wrote about the latter’s API), photos from Flickr, and Twitter posts (or tweets, if you prefer). The home page, archives, and primary Atom feed all work on this new system.”

Perhaps I could install a WordPress plugin called lifestream to get me started along this path… but as someone pointed out in the comments re: lifestream:

“…two things: 1) I’d like to keep the number of ready-made plugins down, and 2) since it’s just based on RSS feeds, there isn’t as much information to play around with, so it kinda limits the possibilities. For example, in Dave’s system, with every Flickr post, it shows how many comments that photo has at any given time.”

Instead, I need to use these tools’ APIs to accomplish what I want. We just did something similar at work (our tag cloud on the “For Undergraduates” page is now powered by the Delicious API). I just need another Christmas break from work so that I can do some more tinkering.

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