Top 10 Tools for Learning and Working

Jane Hart put out a call for e-learning professionals’ top 10 tools that they use for learning and working. Here’s mine:

1. Firefox – Firefox rules, IE drools! Love the tabs, love the extensions, love the speed, love the customization, love it.

2. Google reader + Google notebook + Gmail + iGoogle + Google Docs and Spreadsheets + Google Search – I lumped all these Google apps into one. Google Reader let’s me digest a ton of info quickly. Google notebook gives me an easy way to collect and organize thoughts. Gmail is an e-mail app, chat tool, to-do list, idea collection box, and more in one. iGoogle is my home on the web. Docs and Spreadsheets is an easy way to collaborate. Google search is google search.

3. WordPress – Been a long time blogger user. In 2004 I created my first (and most visited) blog using Blogger. However, I’ve recently been converted to WordPress. Much easier to use. Nice features. Pretty templates. Only downside is that you can’t customize the HTML without paying. OK with me for now.

4. Flickr – Nice way to keep the fam updated on what I’m doing. Also a good learning tool. For example, I’m preparing for a move to Austin, TX and have used flickr alot to learn more about my new city. It even gives good real esate advice! Be sure to visit my flickr page.

5. Captivate – Captivate has lots of in’s, lots of out’s, lots of what have you’s. But once you figure those out, it’s a great tool.

6. Microsoft Office + Sharepoint – If you find yourself working for a company or school that is Microsoft-centric, the Office suite and Sharepoint can be pretty useful. Specifically Sharepoint, which can be used for discussion boards, wikis, blogs, document sharing, and much more. I’ll be posting soon about how I’ve used Sharepoint as a knowledge management system at work (subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out).

7. TextPad – Great free text editor for html, css, etc.

8. iTunes – Podcasts! I love the This American Life podcast!

9. Adobe Connect – We use Adobe Connect for synchronous online training, as well as virtual collaboration. It’s kinda pricey, but the best web conferencing software I’ve used. Very versatile and dependable…. pretty too!

10) Facebook – Great way to keep up with e-learning pros, read about your long lost friends, show off your new wife, learn about a new city, etc. Now that they’ve opened their API, there are tons of useful third party apps. I’ve been able to integrate my “recommended reading” from google reader, my wordpress blog, and flickr photos. Add me as a friend!

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