Rapid E-learning Tools + Informal Learning

A few weeks ago, I attended the E-learning Guild’s Annual Gathering in Boston, MA. One of the sessions I attended was the Rapid Elearning Tools panel, in which representatives from Articulate, Adobe Captivate, and Qarbon discussed their existing tools w/ Jay Cross. After the conference, I posted a comment on the Articulate “Word of Mouth” blog, but wanted to expand on my thoughts here.

It was interesting to have someone who is widely considered to be a guru on informal learning exchange ideas with rapid development folks. Wouldn’t it be nice if these rapid development tools could integrate with services such as Blogger, PBWiki, MySpace, Facebook, EduSpaces, etc?

Anyone could give a 10 minute video presentation w/ accompanying visuals and post it to their blog w/ two clicks. Or post a software demo to a social networking profile with a snap. Or post a simulation to PBWiki. (and so on)

Rapid E-learning tools could really take off if they made the “I” in ADDIE so simple that anyone could do it.

Thanks to Mark for the video

UPDATE: After re-reading my post, I realize that I made it sound as if all there is to the “I” in ADDIE is posting content on the web. There’s more to it than that… but a seamless integration between rapid development tools and web 2.0 services would simplify things, no?

Re-posted after abandoning my Eduspaces blog


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