Pick Up That Joystick and Learn

Tom Crawford recently posted a link to an NPR story about 1st round NFL draft pick, Amobe Okoye. Okoye came to America from Nigeria as a young man in high school. When he was 13, a local coach asked him to try out for the football team and gave him a copy of Madden Football to learn the game. Okoye is now getting paid lots of money to run complicated defensive schemes in the NFL.I’ve watched football since I was a child, so the rules of the game seem second nature to me. However, I once tried to explain American football to a family friend from England. As I tried to describe the intricacies of 4th downs, extra points, field goals, halfbacks, fullbacks, quaterbacks, and cornerbacks, I realized that this was a pretty complicated sport… and I was only trying to explain the basics that are necessary for being a spectator. Explaining the strategies involved with playing the game would have been a 3-month course.

Had I known then what I know now, which is that video games can be powerful educational tools, I would’ve just challenged him to a game of Tecmo Bowl.

Click here to listen to the NPR story about Okoye

Re-posted from my abandoned Eduspaces blog


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