A Conversation about Precision Academics

Cross-posted at http://c21u.gatech.edu/blog/conversation-about-precision-academics-myk-garn-usg Over the past few weeks, several of us in C21U have been working with others at Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), Georgia State University (GSU), the University System of Georgia (USG), and USG eCampus to plan a series of events on “precision academics.” Precision academics is a relatively new term – we’re using it […]


Dreamers, Doers, and Drivers: #shapingedu

Cross-posted at http://c21u.gatech.edu/blog/dreamers-doers-and-drivers-shapingedu On April 25, 129 educational innovators from around the world gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss the future of education. The event fostered a great deal of conversation and collaboration among participants due to its “unconference” format in which the agenda, speakers, and topics of discussion were determined throughout the conference proceedings. […]

Make Your Own Ringtone

For my first ds106 assignment, I’ve chosen Make Your Own Ringtone. My first step was to find something around the house that makes a loud noise. Right on cue, my cat began meowing — it was time for dinner. So, I sampled her using GarageBand on my iphone and made an incredibly annoying ringtone.

Front Bed Update

2.5 years ago, our front bed looked barren and sparse (credit: Google Street View):   Today, it’s overflowing with plants:   This bed is roughly the same age as my daughter, and they’re growing at roughly the same speed. Fun to watch.

My Gamified Life

Originally posted on 10/21/2013 at enspire.com (since removed) As a child, my mother drove my sister and me 20 minutes to school each day (we attended school outside of our district). That’s a long, boring drive for a high-energy kid, so I invented a game to kill the time. Sitting in the front seat, I […]

Backyard Update

Although the drought has not been kind to our turf grass, our backyard is shaping up nicely. Here are some historical photos of our progress over the past couple of years: January 2010 May 2010 June 2012

Mad Men Meets Enspire Learning

Cross-posted from http://www.enspire.com/mad-men-meets-enspire-learning.html Enspire determines corporate clients’ business needs for training very early in the development process. Occasionally that business need sounds much like advertising. That is, the client asks us to create a course that promotes a product, program, or organization. However, Enspire is a learning company, not an advertising firm. We have a […]

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Madden NFL

Cross-posted from http://www.enspire.com/everything-i-need-to-know-i-learned-from-madden-nfl.html An entire generation of young football fanatics have logged countless hours playing Madden NFL video games. Over the years, Madden enabled these players to learn the in’s and out’s of football in a safe virtual environment (i.e. they learned to play the quarterback position without the threat of concussions). This made complicated and high-paced […]